Do we need an app for that?

The general attitude towards apps is so very nostalgic; it reminds me of five to ten years ago when the wave of “I need a website?” was sweeping over mainstream America.   Continue reading


In-App Banner Ad & Microsoft WTF

These days, we’re all slaves to some technology or other.  I am a willing slave to three (at least three) megacorp electronic/software giants: Microsoft, Google, and Adobe.  I know, I’m so original.  But today, my weekend sanity was saved by Microsoft, a new company called CloudOn, and of all things, an in-app banner ad.
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How to design an app, or a marketing campaign, or a business plan, or write a novel…

Otherwise known as, “Everything I needed to know in life, I learned in English Class.”

I am an English Major; some people see this as a degree in reading a lot of books and writing poetry (or essays).  I have sometimes made fun of it by saying it’s a degree in Professional BS: come up with stuff that sounds smart real fast. However, I have discovered that the basic, but often overlooked, skills of an English degree are data analysis and communication.  We take in massive amounts of data, cleverly disguised as characters and plot twists; analyze for patterns, significance, etc; strip down to the essentials; extrapolate applicable meaning; then massage and process that meaning into something easily digestible by the masses (or our professors).

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