Fight for Peace

No, I’m not talking about Kony 2012, or the Middle East, or any of that; though those are good causes.  I’m talking about “the peace that surpasses all understanding” and the fact that I don’t seem to have it.

Christ teaches that he is and will be our peace; that by dwelling in him, giving him our cares and worries, we will experience peace in all aspects of life.  Even in mundane things like mowing the lawn, or tragic things like death, sickness, and deprivation. Oddly enough, sometimes I think I would be more at peace in the midst of an apocalypse than I am in my daily life.

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A Shadowy Future

My husband has been a long time fan of the RPG series Shadowrun, and has passed on the addiction.  The Shadowrun world is set in futuristic earth (2072, to be precise) and a lot of history has happened in the interim.   Most of that history involves either magic (dragons! woot!) or technology, or the crossing of the two.  And the technology is wicked cool: lots of implants, controlling the internet with your mind, etc. .  We have been more and more convinced over the past four or five years that the writers if Shadowrun were actually prophets in disguise.  Seriously, people, the dragons are coming!   You have been warned!
Okay, all joking aside, we keep seeing technology almost straight out if Shadowrun showing up in real life. Its both creepy and AWESOME.


I am a slow adopter. New technology excites me ( I come by it honestly. I get it from my dad.), but it always has bugs, and usually ‘they’ haven’t figured out all the user interfaces yet etc.  Until that stuff is sorted out, learning a new platform can be … challenging.

So, while I have been an avid observer of mobile for a while, and have even owned a smartphone for over two years, and a tablet for a year now, I considered myself a neophyte in several ways. Until recently I only did what I had to on them; i didn’t go in for games, or location based stuff, or really apps in general. Mobile did not change my behavior; I did just want I’d always been doing, but with a different device.
I have also been hesitant to jump in with both feet because I recognize the potential for this to consume my life.  I like living in the real world.  I like holding real books, and cooking Continue reading