I am a slow adopter. New technology excites me ( I come by it honestly. I get it from my dad.), but it always has bugs, and usually ‘they’ haven’t figured out all the user interfaces yet etc.  Until that stuff is sorted out, learning a new platform can be … challenging.

So, while I have been an avid observer of mobile for a while, and have even owned a smartphone for over two years, and a tablet for a year now, I considered myself a neophyte in several ways. Until recently I only did what I had to on them; i didn’t go in for games, or location based stuff, or really apps in general. Mobile did not change my behavior; I did just want I’d always been doing, but with a different device.
I have also been hesitant to jump in with both feet because I recognize the potential for this to consume my life.  I like living in the real world.  I like holding real books, and cooking Continue reading