Getting My Geek Back at Emerald City Comicon: Part 2

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Halo Spartan cosplayer with Gravity Hammer

Halo Spartan cosplayer at ECC with a gravity hammer.

Think with me for a moment about the last time you were looking for something,—and I mean frantically looking for something—and the suddenly realized it was right in front of you the whole time. If you’re at all like me, that was disturbingly recent.  And if you were me, it happened last weekend at Emerald City Comican on a very deep level.

If you recall from last week’s post, I went to Emerald City Comicon questing to reclaim my inner geek.  Well, I found it, but in all honesty I discovered that I hadn’t actually lost it, just lost track of it.

Turns out being a geek isn’t about having played the latest Halo game (I still squee over grav hammers, which I guess is kind of unusual?), nor is it about knowing all the backstories of every comic book hero (I correctly ID’d roughly 80% of the superheroes I encountered.  I can accept a solid B.), and you don’t have to recognize all the artists in the exhibition hall — or, you know, any of them.  As Rachel Edidin said in the panel Looking Past Your Target Audience, “Geek is a self-selecting group.  It is not a test.”

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Getting My Geek Back at Emerald City Comicon

Excerpt from my ECC article at


ECCIf you’ve known me for five minutes you probably know that I am a geek. Not only that, I am proud of it.  I am practically an apostle of all things geek culture: books, movies, games, series, you name it.  I grew up watching Jean-Luc Picard explore the galaxy and learning to write inTengwar.  In my undergrad I won two Hogwarts House Cups for Slytherin (yes, that’s right, Slytherins rule.  Literally.  Deal with it.), went to midnight showings for ROTK (Return of the King) in costume, was a gold badge Red vs Blue fan, learned a lot of Japanese via anime, and became a more than decent Halo player. Continue reading