My Coffee Card app fail

Many Seattleites harbor a sharp disdain for the coffee megacorp, despite it’s birth in our very own treasure trove, Pike Place Market.  However, from my world travels in formative years I have a deep fondness for that green logo that assures me of quality coffee and an inspiring atmosphere whether I am in Seattle, visiting relatives in Naw’lens, or exploring ancient ruins around Antalya (one of the most amazing experiences of my life).  I spent a year studying abroad in the UK during my undergrad and while coffee is making swift inroads into the great isles, outside of the coffee shops folks don’t seem to realize that instant coffee is sacrilege of the worst kind (and yes, while I haven’t tried it, I consider the Starbucks Via line of instant coffee deep betrayal).

Living in a distant suburb, I don’t have frequent occasion to visit Starbucks, and we have some fantastic independent shops in the area. Nevertheless, I decided to try Starbuck’s “My Coffee Card” app.  Epic Fail.

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