Friendship Is Complicated

And this is a great explanation of why My Little Ponies: Friendship Is Magic is amazing.

I will also note a story about my last con, Emerald City Comicon in 2013. I was standing in line for a Shadowrun panel and chatting with the guys ahead of me in line. It didn’t register with me that one of the guys was wearing all purple, or that he had purple and pink streaks in his hair, until I noticed a familiar sticker on his purple tie. “Oh my God! Are you Twilight Sparkle?!” I said. He broke into the biggest smile ever and very proudly replied, “Yes! Yes, I am. See, I even have a tail!” and he spun around to reveal purple and pink hair extensions clipped to the back of his belt. Twilight Sparkle is the most intelligent, mature, clever, and self-aware character in the show. A fabulous choice for anyone to emulate. He was my favorite cosplayer, even including the Spartan troop complete with grav hammer and a world class Captain America. Well done, Prince Twilight. Well done, indeed.

Friendship Is Complicated.


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