Fight the Silence

Last week I encountered an article that was inspiring, and hard to read. I couldn’t read all of it; about a quarter of the way down it got too hard, because my journey was different, and so much easier. But the author’s point really hit me. We don’t talk about miscarriages, and this culture of silence makes it all the more frightening, isolating, and painful when they happen.

So, I had a miscarriage last week. Praise God it was probably the easiest way one can go through something like this. Our first ultrasound wasn’t until about ten weeks in (this was two weeks ago. Jan 8), so when the scan showed a sac but no baby it was obvious that the pregnancy had kicked off well, but wasn’t going anywhere. I am so glad Trey was with me at this appointment. We also learned that something like a quarter to a third of all pregnancies fail, some so early the mothers may not even know they are pregnant.

Last week I had a D&C, and two days off work. The procedure was quick, easy, and as my lovely OB said, “boring.” Which is absolutely what you want in any surgery. While this hasn’t been easy, it could have been a LOT harder. We are surrounded by many loving and encouraging people, and physical and emotional healing is going very well–though the mood swings are not fun.

I don’t have a point with this post, or a lesson, or a platitude, or anything so trite. But I am always more comfortable with things in the open. So if you want to share, please do. The hard things also need to be talked about.


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