Other side of the whirlwind

Phew!  That was a crazy ride and no mistake!

After five amazing days of intensive class and video production, here are my key take-aways.

  • Taking this class was the right decision!  It was a ton of fun and I learned something totally new that I probably never would have done otherwise.
  • Making videos is a lot more fun than I anticipated, and while it is still a lot of work, the work isn’t tedious and so doesn’t really feel like work.
  • Also, I now know how to use Premiere, which I’ve had on my computer for three years and never had the guts to figure out.
  • YouTube is a lot more fun and straight forward than I had given it credit for.
  • Being a grad student has definite perks, like the ability to check out amazing high quality video, sound, and light equipment.
  • Said equipment is also HEAVY.
  • I hate traffic.  Period.  I would rather drive farther, or wait longer and go at non-peak times, than drive anywhere during rush hour. Ugh!
  • Sometimes, it’s worth it to cough up the dough for a hotel close to the destination.  See above.

and last but not least…

  • I have caught the film gadget lust bug!  Having gotten the chance to play with the whole process, I want to keep going!  I went through Best Buy yesterday for ONE thing, which I found very quickly, and then spent fifteen minutes drooling over the digital camera section arguing with myself over whether I could justify it as a school expense.

Resource call, if you have any experience with digital cameras, what do you use and how have you liked it?



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