Law & Videos

This week marks the start of summer quarter.  One class down, 10 more to go, five of them THIS WEEK.

Yesterday was day one of the summer law class and I am already glad I signed up!  First off, Kraig is a fantastic prof and if I’d meet him (or someone like him) in highschool or early college, I would probably not have given up on my designs for law school.  This class is shaping up to be very hands on, which I love, and the perfect follow up to last quarter’s law class.  Huzzah!

Starting tomorrow I will be mostly MIA in the intensive storytelling+videography class until Sunday night.  My only social media activity is probably going to be part of class assignments. This class has had me super excited since I first noticed it on the roster over a month ago!  This is the kind of fun skill I really hoped to get out of this program–in addition to all the practical business and marketing stuff I’m already getting, and loving.  The challenge was always going to be the schedule.  I live two hours from campus on GOOD days (unless I’m driving home between 9 pm and 6 am and there are neither traffic nor cops on the freeways).  Getting to campus by 8:30 AM is TOUGH.  So I’m staying with an aunt who lives just 40 minutes away, but since i will be using arterial roads during rush hour BOTH WAYS, I expect those 40 minutes to quickly become more like 1.5 hours… or more.  Don’t squash my dreams!   It’s still going to be a tough commute.

And then I checked my email and got the syllabus for class.  My reactions

  1. Holy ©r4p, that’s a lot of work.
  2. Squee! Lots of fun projects and creative learning!
  3. And d@mn, a lot more of it is outside of class hours than I was hoping.
  4. Going to be so much fun!
  5. …  wait.  I’m going to be remote at my aunt’s house. With only my tablet. *headesk!*
Looking over the syllabus, I will probably be staying on campus later than I’d planned to work on projects using a real computer and THEN going to my aunt’s house to sleep.  The up side to this is that i will probably  miss rush hour!  We’ll see how it goes.
For the record, I love my family, and I mean ALL of my family: all the members of the huge, sprawling how-are-we-related-again network of people who are all weird and awesome in ways that never cease to amaze me.  Life would be so much harder and far less interesting without all of you.  God bless the Betcher-Hughes-Green-Youngblut-Phillips-Schorr-uh… I forget all the last names we have now.  Anyway.  You get the idea.

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