Brown Paper Tickets, Part 1

Short post this time, because this is only half the story!  The other half will be up after June 8th.  The suspense just might kill you.

So, part 1 was a big success for Brown Paper Tickets. My husband and I will be attending an event on June 8th and I decided to try out BPTs mobile option for printing tickets.  So far so good!  I got a text from BPT within seconds with a link to their website.  A+ for having a mobile optimized site!    A simple login (well, that is always a bit of a pain, but until we have universal thumbprint logins, no way around it), and there are my tickets!

Tapping each ticket opens up a screen with basic event info (title, date and time, price), ticket holder’s name, and the ticket’s barcode.  I have bookmarked the page for fast access when we get to the event.

We’ll see how it goes.


4 thoughts on “Brown Paper Tickets, Part 1

  1. I just signed up for a BPT SMS message also (for the Screen Summit). I like the ease of access.

    My one disappointment was with the mobile app. I downloaded that also, thinking that I could use it for ticket access/download also. But, it turns out that the app was made for the event hosts, not the attendees. I guess they can use the app for scanning arrivals. Couldn’t really test it out though (also I was bummed because I thought I could do a post on the app..haha…)

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