Netflix Mobile Win

Until recently, I’ve been content to watch videos and movies when at home, to watch what I already have, or to borrow from friends.  My husband and I are particularly fond of this last option and tend to borrow TV series on DVD and have almost-free, stay-at-home dates over ice cream.  While we’ve approved of things like Netflix in general, we never really had the need or the budget to sign up.

Last week, a friend finally got me hooked on Avatar: the Last Airbender, which, by the way, is brilliant!  The problem was that for once I wasn’t borrowing it; I was watching online. Despite the frequent blackouts and other inconveniences of ferry travel, I frequently attempted to continue whatever episode i was on while on the ferry.  This got particularly frustrating over time, until I discovered that Avatar is on Netflix!  Since Netflix has a free trial, I decided to bite the bullet (for now) and give it a try.

Streaming online and limitless DVD’s just didn’t do it for me.  I know too many people willing to borrow out from their large collections.  However, the ability to watch half an episode on the computer at home, drive to the ferry, turn on the mobile app and pick up right where I left off to finish the episode: that got me hooked!

Good job, Netflix.  Your mobile savvy-ness not only works, it sold me when nothing else would.

3 thoughts on “Netflix Mobile Win

  1. Welcome to the dark side! 🙂

    How was the reception on the ferry? My only complaint about streaming is that it doesn’t work as well if your mobile is mobile. For instance, if I’m watching during my lunch break while sitting in my office, it’s great. When I try to stream on the bus, I have big problems. I would love it if Netflix/Hulu offered a “Stream ahead” or “download for later” option which allowed you to cache a little bit of the show to cover you if you get out of good reception areas for a couple of minutes.

    • Sadly, reception is usually better on my actual phone than using the ferry’s wifi. So sad! And yeah, i totally agree, I would love somekind of cache ahead system.

  2. I watched Netflix using inflight wifi, but to be fair the aircraft is too fast to catch non-stop streaming data. I did have to leave it to buffer for quite a while. Comparatively Isn’t the Ferry even slower than the bus. But yes, it’s a great use of travel time. I prefer it over reading.

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