Not MyUW App

I have generally been impressed with UW’s student portal, cleverly named “MyUW.”  This portal does a great job giving access to useful information in every aspect of life as a student.  You can see schedules, financial info, grades, weather, department info, housing and food services, commuter services, the list is nearly exhaustive.  Naturally, I use this service quite often.

Last week i looked to see if UW had an app, and lo and behold they do!  It’s called “m.UW.”

I downloaded the app, and here’s what it offers:

  • Directory of staff AND STUDENTS.*
  • UW Sports scores and news
  • A really nice map feature that uses your GPS to help you find your way around campus
  • Course descriptions (does not include PCE courses)
  • Videos
  • News
  • Events calendar
  • Images
  • UW Library (opens a UW library mobile optimized website – will review in the future)
  • and “infotech” (opens another mobile site about Information Technology at the UW)

For what it is, the app is well designed and slick.  However, it is clear form the content that this app was intended for alumni or prospective students, not current students.  This app is no companion for MyUW and misses a lot of opportunity to assist current students.  Here’s what it lacks:

  • My current class schedule
  • Access to catayst and canvas tools like workspaces, calendars, notifications and forums
  • Husky Card balances – and the ability to add funds
  • Financial Aid Status and Tuition Balance
  • Grade report
  • PCE course lists
Not having a MyUW app is a big missed opportunity for UW. According to UW’s website, they have over 48K registered students for the 2009-2010 academic year. That’s 48K people who use MyUW; quite the target market for an app!
* That’s right, classmates.  As a UW student your info is available to the world on the student directory online and via this app unless you go to MyUW online and opt out of directory listing.  See this page about FERPA and directory listing and opting out.

One thought on “Not MyUW App

  1. Great observation, Bizzy! While the current app is targeted to alumni and prospective students may not be explicit you’ve certainly pointed out that it clearly doesn’t serve existing students the way MyUW does. This brings up a great point about organizations that may have such diverse constituent groups that multiple mobile strategies are required.

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