A Good Friday Lament

A Lament for the Messiah

The sun is dark before my eyes,
Or am I blinded by sorrow?
The earth shakes and heaves like a sea in storm,
Is there nothing firm, nothing solid on which I can stand?
Or are my own limbs numb with shock?
Oh Lord, why have you forsaken us?
So long we have waited! So long… I have waited.

Now our hope is shattered like glass.

Will I ever be free?
My past weighs on my back like a millstone,
My sin has bound my limbs in shackles.
I had hoped, for a while…
He was so kind. Where I had received only judgment,
He gave me mercy.
No one in Israel has shown such love.
Only God could love such as we.

Lord, how wondrous that you would speak to us so?
To beget a Son and approach us! Face to face.
No one in Israel has deserved such honor.
What shame, what horror and judgment has come upon us?
What have we done?

Weep, daughters of Jerusalem!
Wail, you women of Judah!
Tear your hair, beat your breast!
Neglect the loom, the fields, and the threshing floor!
All is mourning and ashes!

The Lord himself, the Holy One, is dead.
Slain by our brothers! Nay, by our own hands!
What wickedness can compare? What pain or sorrow can express our shame?
My heart is broken in my chest and the very air chokes me.

Our Father lit a candle in the darkness, and we have snuffed it out and now we are blind.
The stars shed their light as tears, the moon is stained with blood,
The sun has turned its face away and the earth groans in agony!

Oh God, I would that death take me as well,
For what pain of hell can compare to the death of your son?


[written in 2010, this poem is a very personal expression of what Good Friday means to me–what I feel it should mean to all Christians; as in much of Scripture, “Israel” is a metaphor for the Church and for all mankind; intended as a stage monologue performed by a woman – not necessarily Mary Magdalene, but that would fit; some day I intend to write a companion poem for Easter morning.]


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