I am a slow adopter. New technology excites me ( I come by it honestly. I get it from my dad.), but it always has bugs, and usually ‘they’ haven’t figured out all the user interfaces yet etc.  Until that stuff is sorted out, learning a new platform can be … challenging.

So, while I have been an avid observer of mobile for a while, and have even owned a smartphone for over two years, and a tablet for a year now, I considered myself a neophyte in several ways. Until recently I only did what I had to on them; i didn’t go in for games, or location based stuff, or really apps in general. Mobile did not change my behavior; I did just want I’d always been doing, but with a different device.
I have also been hesitant to jump in with both feet because I recognize the potential for this to consume my life.  I like living in the real world.  I like holding real books, and cooking bread by hand and gardening and hiking and sewing and drawing with pencils.  I also like talking to real people face to face, and playing games with people who are sitting on the same couch with me (my biggest problem with the Xbox live system is that games no longer allow 4 person coop. WTF?).  So I’ve been somewhat afraid that if I dive into mobile I’ll “delve too greedily and too deep” and turn myself into a Balrog-or a zombie who can’t interact with the real world except via txt.  This is a comment (mostly) about me, not mobile in general or society as a whole.  Mostly.
I also suffer from some lingering prejudice against location based services, especially ones that post my whereabouts.  Tonight I sent out my first ever foursquare checkin!  Don’t expect it to last long.  I know that anyone really interested could figure out my general patterns fairly easily.  But I grew up in a neighborhood where you had to think about people stealing from your house, hijacking your car, kidnapping kids. Not constantly, but it was a real possibility.  So the idea of making my current location public knowledge, just out there for anyone..ANYONE–to find kind of creeps me out.  But, I’m willing to try it for a while and see how it goes.

5 thoughts on “Confession

  1. Not to overwhelm you or encourage you to spend more time on your device, but you should check out Path. I like it a lot better than foursquare. It allows you to keep a record of what you’re up to with you friends and then share it publicly, if you so choose.

  2. I tried Foursquare for a while and just found it dumb. If I lived a city lifestyle where I could notice my friends are at a cafe a few blocks over, and walk over to join them, it might be useful. I would love an app that would track how often I’m at the Y automatically, but that’s about it.

  3. I am well known for moving slowly into new technologies. One advantage of this is that I am the guy who did NOT get stuck with a bunch of 8-track tapes, Sony Beta movies, or Laser discs. (I do, however, own a ton of VHS movies.) I also favor the idea of letting others get the early version of whatever… the one with all of the bugs… the one without the extra features… and, especially, the one that was more expensive.
    I totally and enthusiastically believe that you should NOT be using or posting ANYTHING that gives away your current location. This world is not exactly getting any safer.
    We missed you last night.

  4. I’m with you on the creep factor of location-based services Bizzy! I just won’t do it. There’s a certain aspect of fun if you’re at a place where you think you might run into a bunch of friends, but you could also just post on Facebook to your friends and see who responds. I also wonder about people seeing when I post I’m not at home and then using that info to break in. Hopefully my awesome dog would keep intruders at bay, but I don’t want to tempt fate by posting my whereabouts willy nilly…

    • That’s been my concern as well. I think i may try it once or twice to see the “deals” and the buzz. But I don’t at all plan on it being a regular thing.

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