A Shadowy Future

My husband has been a long time fan of the RPG series Shadowrun, and has passed on the addiction.  The Shadowrun world is set in futuristic earth (2072, to be precise) and a lot of history has happened in the interim.   Most of that history involves either magic (dragons! woot!) or technology, or the crossing of the two.  And the technology is wicked cool: lots of implants, controlling the internet with your mind, etc. .  We have been more and more convinced over the past four or five years that the writers if Shadowrun were actually prophets in disguise.  Seriously, people, the dragons are coming!   You have been warned!
Okay, all joking aside, we keep seeing technology almost straight out if Shadowrun showing up in real life. Its both creepy and AWESOME.
Tonight I witnessed the next step in our evolution towards the shadowy future thanks to @kjmcivor.  By now just about everyone has heard of QR codes, most of you have probably seen them in real life, and if you are like me you might have scanned one or two just to see what would happen. The most common (and intelligent) uses for a QR code are sharing contact info, launching a website, etc. Well, now there’s a new kid on the block: near field communication (nfc).  Check this out, Kelly has a subdermal nfc chip!
That’s right, folks. No camera required.  Just wave your phone over his hand, and you have his contact info!
On the one hand, this is so awesome I’m still geeking out about it!  That’s pretty hard core!
On the other hand… it’s also a little creepy.
The Shadows.  They are coming.  Are you ready? <<psst. go play Shadowrun!>>

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